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Huasha Farming and Forestry

Shandong Huashan forestry science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2013, China economic forest hazelnut branch executive director units, companies and Forestry Research Institute, Chinese Chinese forest economic forest association branch jointly established Chinese hazelnut Economic Forest Research Institute of Zhucheng big hazelnut.

The company is located in the scenic Dragon City, Zhucheng, China, south of the town, east of Qingdao, 60 km west of the coast, south of the city Rizhao 38 kilometers, 100 kilometers north of the kite capital, Weifang. Because of the imperial territory in the national AAA scenic spot, Shandong provincial Forest Park, the ten famous mountains of Ma'ershan represented hundreds of beautiful mountains, hills area of more than 50 thousand acres, beautiful mountains and rivers, undulating, magnificent, Huang Hua earth outstanding region of Zhucheng dinosaur footprints and Qi Changcheng, Meng Gu island, Huang arrow Shijing ditch, waterfalls, mountains and other famous scenic spots dotted lake, which is named after the Shandong Huashan.

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